Tuesday, 14 January 2014


I can no longer pretend that motor neuron disease is not having an effect on my crafting, this week I have had a serious falling out with my sewing machine. Paper seems the way to go, it has more rigidity than fabric for free motion work.
These fabulous Kimono silks were a pressie from my good friend Jean, I wanted to do something that reflected the Japanese style of mixing pattern. Not all of this piece will be used, I will select areas to put in a frame that has three apertures.

I treated myself to some Inktense blocks on my last visit to Artvango, finally got round to playing with them.

They are as vibrant as the pencils and are good for sketching as they cover the paper quickly.

I'm using cotton rag paper which is easy to machine on. Didn't have the energy to set up a still life so I used the plastic bottles on my work table as a subject.
I also have a 'raggy' on the go, lovely and soft to stitch into for those moments when only stitch will comfort me.