Thursday, 21 June 2012

Ipad Art Addiction

It's been quite a while since I last posted as I've been enjoying time with my son, gardening, cycling, cooking -  in fact everything apart from stitching. The arrival home of my son ( besides being a great pleasure for me) meant I get to play with his Ipad.

I invested in a 69p app for making art, very quickly I got to grips with it ( trust me it's easy) and produced some quick 'paintings'. I can't say it is easier than actual drawing and painting but it is a much faster process than doing it in 'real time'.
 An obligatory sunset made want to use a more complex app. For the grand sum of £5.95 I down loaded 'Brushes' which is the app that David Hockney uses. What fun!! At first it was quite daunting - seemingly lots of different 'tools' but actually it soon became almost intuitive to do and very addictive.

I love the way this looks so 'textiley'  the lines look so threadlike. My son will obviously take his Ipad with him when he goes back to Shanghai in 9 weeks time (sob).  I will not be purchasing an Ipad in the near future so I shall just enjoy it whilst I can. I would never get any stitching done if I had this to play with all day.

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