Friday, 27 July 2012

A Little Stitching in the Garden

Yesterday was a perfect summer's day. I spent the afternoon sitting in the shade of our fig tree, gently stitching the hours away in the company of a good friend. She was hand quilting and I was finishing my 'going for gold'
piece for the Guild exhibition in October.We sipped iced tea and caught up with each others news whilst our respective husbands were at a local steam train yard doing men type things with engines and such like. We were joined in the evening by our family and friends for a meal together in the garden. Next year we will be able to use our new sunken garden as work on it progresses at a steady rate.

A day last week was given over to preparing 25 books for an altered book course  to be run during a Guild meeting in November. As the classes only last two hours we knew we would have to do the initial procion dying up front ready for everyone to embellish the open page.So Biddy, Bev, Fran and myself set to and had a great time sploshing the dyes about. They took a good twenty four hours to dry completely as we really did drench them in colour. They looked a bit garish the next day so I spent a few hours with some metallic rubs and pastels and softened the edges and toned back some of the colours and  stacked the books for storing. At this point I realised how lovely they looked in their unadorned state and decided to photograph them. I have stored them in their open position to let them settle a bit and know that when I get them out in November I will remember the fun we had in July dying them. 

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Printing Yardage

My stash of my own hand printed fabrics has run low, probably because I usually dye and print outside during the summer months.  I can't stand wet fabrics and prints hanging around the house for days so I have been patiently (ha-ha) waiting for some sunny weather to turn up. I'm going to have to give in on that one and utilise the green-house if this present spell of monsoons keep up.

 To that end, I've started the process by using a little bunch of spoons I found in a bric-a-brac shop. I have made some positive and negative lino cuts from them and started to mess about on paper using them to see what I can come up with. It has all started very neatly and and in regular  patterns,hopefully by the time I have filled a pad up with designs it should get much looser and informal - ready for printing on to fabric. 


I have also been loving my sweet peas this year (there has got to be a plus side to all this rain). I found them very difficult to capture at first, probably because I  haven't drawn for a few weeks but in the words of my late drawing master ' after the first hundred sketches of an object everyones drawing of it starts to improve'.  These would look lovely painted onto some silk.
My Embroidered Bead course that I ran at Beecrafty last Saturday was so enjoyable and productive. Everyone produced a very accomplished sample each and also got to grips with some more complex stitches. I think the four hour class was much better than the two hour one that I have done before. The shorter course crammed everything in but felt too rushed. The shop was buzzing with activity - a quilt class was going on in an adjacent room and all helped produce a great atmosphere to teach in. Looking forward to teaching Embroidered Buttons in the Autumn.  

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

A Little Beadwork

It doesn't feel like much craftwork has been going on around here lately but somehow a few more beads have appeared on the scene. I guess it's because I'm not spending all day creating but rather snatching a couple of hours here and there to stitch.
 I'm bead minded at the moment as I am teaching these frivolities at Beeing Crafty on this coming Saturday. It's an inexpensive course for four hours of intensive but very rewarding stitching with the bonus of a lovely shop to browse round afterwards.

A few more buttons have appeared as a taster for a course at the same venue later in the year.

I did manage to make a floor mat for a baby shower for my yet to be born first great grandchild. Dreadful photo - but beautiful fabrics from Bee Crafty and lots of handstitching produced a gift that was very well received.