Monday, 16 June 2014

Still Crafting

It has to be admitted my creative drive has left me, however Father's Day was spent with the grandsons supervising them with the Cricut dye cutting machine. They made some beautiful collages and the younger one drew all over the top.Very Dionne Swift ha ha. I soon ran out of painted papers and this is what has bought me back to crafting. With the help of very patient husband/carer I  enjoyed a morning painting, printing and stamping.It felt good to have paint all over my hands again.

I have tried to use colours that will appeal to my grandsons, lots of red (Arsenal) lots of blue and  patterns like tyre prints and lots of zigzag designs.
Tomorrow, energy allowing, I will cut as many shapes using the Cricut as I can for them to use in future craft sessions.

It's difficult using a camera through a glass window, the difficulty being that you are shooting into daylight from a dark backdrop but with a little careful cropping this little fledgling posed for me.

We have a gang of goldfinches and their brood visit us most days they are so beautiful but very nervous about any movement . This is the only one that stayed still long enough for me to photo.

Sketchbooks are still being worked on all be it very slowly I made these squares last year with a view to producing a large piece of pixelated work. When I'm really tired its easy to glue these shapes down and then draw over them.

Birds seem to be creeping into my design repertoire.