Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A Blast From My Past

A couple of weeks ago I got a phone call from my art tutor from ten years ago. This is Peterborough Regional College where I did myA level Textiles and my Foundation Art and Design, this is way back when I didn't really understand what Textile Art  was.  The message said would I like to be reunited with some A level work. I was intrigued, I could remember this piece because it was framed and put up on the corridor wall, the tutors always found it amusing.

I couldn't remember doing  this piece although I was going through a phase of setting things ablaze at that time. I can still see my colour palette that I use to this day.

This was obviously some neutral studies that I could have done so much better now but we all have a starting point and I have enjoyed the journey so much.

On the gardening front it has been wonderful year  for flowering plants. I've never had Nicotiana Sylvestris grow this big in the thirty odd years I've been growing it. I persuaded John to stand in the background to give it a bit of scale.

My teasels in the wild meadow area topped fifteen foot.

What an extraordinary year. I have been picking the hugest blackberries I've ever seen, but look at what's growing at the base of the plant and flowering.

Would you believe a primrose in full flower.  In Autumn!