Friday, 13 February 2015

The Crafty Mugwump

I am sorry to inform you all that my mother, The Crafty Mugwump, passed away peacefully in her sleep early this morning at home, fifteen short months after being diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease.

I hope this post will be in keeping with the style of her blog.

Once the formalities had been taken care of this morning I ventured out into mum's beloved garden, I think I was looking for some of the peace and happiness she always found there. Unfortunately given the time of year and my lack of green fingered appreciation all I could see were rather sad looking plants that had been cut back for the winter.

Finally I spotted one type of plant in bloom and it seemed particularly appropriate given its form...

After admiring the simple beauty and stark contrast to its surroundings (and taking several poor photos) I found some inspiration for what the family should do next.

We had spent many happy times at the bottom of the garden with all the family gathered round the fire pit. My mum enjoyed nothing more than watching the movement of the flames and the change of shape and colours that occur in a bonfire, a love that was passed down from her father and then on to me. So we spent the next few hours warming ourselves, crying and talking about happier times.

My mum loved the art & craft world that she brought all around her, this blog in particular provided her with great joy.

She is loved and desperately missed by all her family and friends.

Some of you may want to send flowers to her funeral, we're planning a simple funeral with flowers from family only, so I would ask that instead you donate to the MND Association who have provided us with excellent care and support throughout.

Thank you

The Son of Crafty Mugwump