Monday, 20 February 2012

Films and Foils

Inspired by the jewel like colours of my dyed velvets I've been zapping Angelina Films with the heat gun all morning. Some very casual printing with acrylic gold paint first and then in with the iron and heat gun - oh and a bit of bondaweb to hold any layers together.  Colour and iridescence together wonderful - much more vibrant than these pics appear. My knowledge of photography is limited. I'm sure I could alter the settings to improve the vibrancy but alas I don't know how, I seem to remember Linda Monk ( the queen of foil surfaces) complaining of the same thing. So you will have to take my word for it these samples 'sing'.

This is Angelina film 'hot fix' violet bonded to ordinary kitchen foil and zapped with a very hot heat gun and the iron between parchment paper. The heat brings all the colours out.

I had a piece of hand dyed fabric that I had been using decolourant on (using a grid stencil). I took the film in two different colours and bonded it onto the surface of the fabric  and on little parts of it I used the heat gun. This piece really shimmers. I had intended to put these samples into my journal for future reference but a few minutes play produced a little design ready for stitch.

I 'm not sure how I will add stitch to this - metallics maybe, possibly  matt and glossy threads combined. I need to trial a few ideas. It will definitely be machined  as I'm giving the hands a break for a few days.


  1. These are gorgeous, stunning colour and design.

    1. Thanks Ro. A little bit of glitz feeds the soul now and then!

  2. I love this . Colours are gorgeous xxx