Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Starry Eyed

I've been stitching through 16ml plywood for the past two days. These stars were cut with a jigsaw painted, stencilled and waxed. I made the holes with my trusty dremil (actually my husband ended up finishing the drilling) and I threaded a large bodkin with red wool and stitched. They may end up hanging or just spread around the house, we made 16 altogether ranging from 18" to 4".
 It's starting to feel like Christmas.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Business as usual

I feel so much better having something to focus on, stitching was what was needed. I'm not stitching in an embroidery kind of way but using my needle to make marks and to try and inject some dynamic into this very static and geometric layout I've made.

It looks completely different with the hand-stitching. I am going to add some beading once I have machined all the black areas

It's quite a big piece (as usual) 20"x 30" so it will keep me busy over the next few days.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Good Friends

Not much blogging lately, I have been absorbing bad news and planning my response to it. The hospital results came through as bad as bad can be. That is the only reference I'm going to make on this blog to being ill. I plan to go on stitching and crafting as long as I am able because that was what I started the blog for in the first place.
So.... this piece I'm working on is a linen background and transfer paint printed Evolon. You will recognise the plant shapes  from previous work and drawings. I have made acetate stencils from my plant drawings because I know I will use them over and over again.

 Today was spent in the company of friends from the Calico group I belong to, it was good to catch up and be with like minded people. We met at the John Clare museum in my village and started the seasons festivities over lunch.

Just have to find my stitching mojo again!