Friday, 23 May 2014

Garden Time

This is the bed I removed the alliums from last year, I'm kind of glad that these survived my scorched earth policy, but they have taken over again. 

This is definitely the year for aquilegeas they have been quietly hybridising over the years and there are at least a dozen different ones now.

I love the pin points of orange from the Welsh poppies in this border.

Early morning sun as the poppies burst from the calyx.

I'm very fond of poppies.

It's just as well for there are hundreds of them this year.

What a wonderful spring we have had!


  1. What a wonderful garden you have - full of colour and delights for the eyes. It has indeed been an amazing spring this year. We don't have as well tended a garden as you obviously have ... but the greens have been stunning in their variety.

  2. Your garden is a picture Pam and I'm with you in a love of poppies and aliums. I have been meaning to plant some aliums in our garden, not least for their beautiful seedheads. I'm glad to see you have some forget-me-nots too, they're very good for bees, I hear. xx

  3. A stunning Garden, Pam! Simply stunning!!

  4. Your garden looks beautiful. I put my first aliums in this year and love them. I really like aquilegias too but they spread like wildfire here. Not so the poppies which seem to have disappeared.

  5. Pam, what a delightul garden!! The alliums are stunning and the little welsh poppies are so sweet. And the other orange poppies are what I believe we call California poppies here. It is all so very cheerful! Spring is my very favourite time of year. and you know what they say....oh to be in England...

  6. wow - as usual everything looks stunning! Living in a clay pit makes my garden quite a challenge, but I have had a lovely display of greenery so far this year :)

  7. hiya, pam am nursing a load of those many stemmed brown and gold sunflowers through their babyhood, as soon as they look a bit more robust- I will drop some in, they flower through autumn up to Christmas and the birds love them, love tina