Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Art of Giving

Last year I was so industrious and inspired by Kumiko Sudo's book - Omiyage that by the end of November I had a dozen of these little chrysanthemum bags made and filled with chocolates. Eight of them were ear-marked for girlfriends and the other four for last minute gifts. I had a budget of five pounds each for these presents - but honestly what can you buy for that amount these days  - certainly nothing as special as a hand made gift. 

I also had the enjoyment of stamping and printing the gift tags. So - if you are stuck for small gift ideas I really recommend this book . There are so many cute ideas to explore in it and it is a great way to use up scraps of fabric (although I would have to sew non-stop for two years to use up all of my scraps and some people who shall be nameless would probably need ten).

The baubles are progressing and looking more christmasy - I know I should stop making pretties and get on with some serious stuff  (I really have committed myself work wise for next year), but a little glitz now and then lifts the spirits and the repetitive nature of  making these baubles gives me thinking time for what to get up to next. Well that's my excuse anyway! 


  1. these are wonderful and such special gifts! Thankyou for your comment was lovely!

  2. Such beautiful little bags Pam and much much nicer than any bought gifts. Never under estimate the importance of thinking time.

  3. I have that book somewhere - and a stash that has taken on a life of it's own... I think I will have to check the book out again! Thanks for the inspiration!!!!