Friday, 13 September 2013

A Little Diversion

Not stretched or framed yet but I've just finished the second 'strewing herbs' piece. I have so much source material following my drawings and paintings that this went together without much thought in a couple of days. The lettering in the background took longest to stitch. Looking at it now maybe I will try a piece with the lettering painted in.
It made a break from the 'Remains of the Day' that I'm working on, however I must get back to it tomorrow if I have any hope of finishing in time for the 1st of Oct.
The photo again has not picked up the white layers very well so as per usual  I've shown an inverted colour version.


  1. These herbs are beautiful and so descriptive. Your drawing has paid off in so many ways. I hope I get the chance to see these in real life at some time. I like the subtlety of the white layers.

  2. These are just beautiful. You've absolutely captured the essence of these familiar hedgerow plants. I love the strongly designed yet delicate shapes and the contrast between the natural forms and the text. ... lovely!

  3. Wow, Wow, Wow !!!
    These herbal pieces really appeal to me and I think the lettering is brilliant !