Saturday, 7 December 2013

Business as usual

I feel so much better having something to focus on, stitching was what was needed. I'm not stitching in an embroidery kind of way but using my needle to make marks and to try and inject some dynamic into this very static and geometric layout I've made.

It looks completely different with the hand-stitching. I am going to add some beading once I have machined all the black areas

It's quite a big piece (as usual) 20"x 30" so it will keep me busy over the next few days.


  1. Stunning pieces here I love the almost thistley look.
    So sorry to know your health is at risk, guess this is where the therapy of stitching comes to the fore, so revel in it!
    Have a (hug) for now and know if you need back up, am sure theres a few of us who listen and support, even from afar!

  2. Looks good Pam. I especially like the different qualities the hand and machine stitches bring. Great to have a focus. xx

  3. I just love the shepherd's purse motif I've noticed in so much of your work recently. The shape is glorious and gives so much scope for negative spaces and looking through. It'll be just fascinating to see where it goes in the next few days.

  4. do like those blue strips, the plants look like their floating, lovely,,