Monday, 21 April 2014

Better Late Than Never

I have finally got round to deciding which bits of stitch will make good post cards to send to blogging buddies and friends. Its going to be a long process as I can only work 10 minutes at a time, the next part of the process will be to bondaweb these to pelmet vylene. Then I can raid my stash of hand made beads, crocheted flowers, paper embellishments and general trimmings to finish them off.

I have been busy with domestic sewing - five Roman blinds for our daughter who has moved back to the 'boro' from London. We have up cycled a massive pair of curtains and I say we because the truth is my husband did all the hard work on them but an achievement none the less.

This is my grand daughter who visited me at the weekend after running two marathons and raising nearly three thousand pounds for MND and MS research. I'm very proud of her.
I also met a great nephew over the Easter week for the first time. What a dear little boy.

And finally my son who never minds a silly photo.


So a big Easter egg hunt for the Grandsons A huge roast cooked by their parents (I have finally had to give up cooking for guests) surrounded by family and friends. The perfect Easter!


  1. Lovely post. Your son looks so much like you!

  2. Beautiful colours in your postcards, Pam. So very you!! And such lovely pictures of your family. Indeed, the perfect Easter!

  3. It's lovely to meet your family and what a joy your great nephew is! Your granddaughter did amazingly, what an achievement! Your postcards are going to be beautiful and I'm very impressed with the domestic sewing :-) It was lovely to see you at Stitchcraft last week, I hope you enjoyed your visit x

  4. Hi Pamela - those colours look very exciting for the postcards. Xx

  5. Lovely postcards indeed - love those Kantha stitched ones bottom left. Domestic sewing always impresses me as I always say I only very occasionally make anything useful!

  6. I'm glad your post says 'better late than never' !
    Hello and how are you ? You have a lovely family ... pic's adorable.
    Take care and I'll drop in again soon.

  7. theres no mention of chocolate????????????
    be over to see you soon, tina

  8. Stunning colour as usual! I found your fish you made me the other night... naught Jack kitten had nicked it and hidden it under the sofa :)