Thursday, 12 January 2012

Gelatin and Vermeer

Tuesday was spent with two good friends enjoying our monthly crafting day (an excuse to get very messy really).
I had seen a lot of references to gelatin printing lately and was itching to have a go. The night before I made up three 'plates' using a recipe from Workshop on the Web. They sat in the fridge over night and travelled several miles with no problem the next day.
We tested several mediums - acrylics -fabric paints - printing inks to name a few and discovered that all worked well with a little tweaking such as adding water or or gels or extenders. We used rollers - stencils - and stamps and just played all day.

I did quite a few paper prints as I often work in this medium and knew that it would be a useful addition to my stash.
I moved onto printing on fabric in the afternoon and although the colours were not quite vibrant enough for me, some useful samples were produced. Good company, lots of laughter some excellent cross-over of ideas for future get togethers, all in all a perfect day.

Wednesday was spent at the Vermeer exhibition in The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge with John and another two good friends. I have to say that I generally avoid Cambridge like the plague: too much traffic and people for my liking,however the park and ride system made the whole experience a delight, yes - I know I'm a bit behind the  times but it was my first journey using this bus even though it's been in existance for a few years.
What can I say about the exhibition - sublime, awesome, thought provoking, I could write hundred pages on the experience. A day to savour and remember for a long time. I remember quoting Vermeer as one of my favourite artists when asked the question at college some years ago and remember being made to feel very uncool and unworldly in my taste.
I stand by my answer to this day!

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