Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Books and Things

After a lovely day at the Lost in Lace exhibition in Birmingham yesterday I thought I would be brimming over with ideas for a new project.  Another thing that isn't going to happen! However I always have my books to fall back on whilst thinking is taking place. This is the Kantha covered book I made some time ago, I 'm painting a colour wash on each page to take the starkness off the white paper, but I couldn't resist a little decoration on the first page - now why didn't I leave the cover page plain and start on the next page. Then I wouldn't have had a horrible contrast between the pages. When it's dry I will sew the first page to the cover. Some days it's better to do nothing rather than wreck work already done!

This is another page in my little Balsa wood covered book - a bit weak but not a book wrecker.

This is the start of another book made of papers from an old school exercise book that I know to be at least sixty years old . The paper is faded and starting to break up in places, just what I want for a little vintage book.

I'm still thinking about the lace exhibition and have to say that I was more moved by the Museum's collection of lace from their own textile archives. I was intrigued by the ideas, innovation and techniques shown by some of the artists in the main  show but I felt disconnected and uninvolved. I'm not sure if just making something big gives it more gravitas if it lacks in something to start with. (I'm thinking of the crystal net installation ' Inverted Cathedral' here). I need to think about it a bit more!
 Loved the museum and was amazed at the quality  of the art it contained, definitely worth several more visits. As I hadn't been to Birmingham for at least twenty years I spent the rest of the day acting like a tourist with my mouth wide open - nothing like the City I remember. The |Bullring area looks like some Sci- Fi architect was given free reign to vent his wildest dreams, all this modernity juxtaposed with  the old church in the background was surreal.
 I think I liked it!

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