Tuesday, 24 April 2012

It Glows

 Came back from Ullapool late Sunday evening after a long exhausting drive. Today I feel recovered enough energy wise to finish off my 'vessel' which as you can see has turned into a lampshade. I wanted to preserve the warmth of the colours but lining it with two layers of sheer fabric took away some of the glow. It was when I held it up to the light  I realised it needed back lighting to show it at it's best. I only needed to lose an inch of the piece for it to fit an existing lamp base. I have used seven thin strips of wood under the lining to keep it's shape. I was going to use pelmet vylene but this would have cut down on light passing through the piece.

An energy saving bulb which keeps nice and cool has worked really well for this piece just looking at it makes me feel warm and cosy.

I bought some beautiful pieces of vintage fabric in Cromarty last week. I made sure that they were torn and worn so I wouldn't feel guilty at cutting them up. The next project will be a memory quilt using some of things I have bought in Ullapool and surrounding places over the past few years.


  1. Wow - what a brilliant idea! It looks fabulous. Glad you had a good time x Sarah

  2. gosh what a fabulous effect for a lamp!