Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Presents for boys


I would not have thought that I could be inspired by a football strip - in this case Norwich City, however the design elements are all there waiting to be used in (dare I say it) a more creative way than on a t-shirt. This is part of a  present for a great nephew whose christening I will attend in late July in needless to say - Norwich.

I made the letters first on a heavy watercolour paper, I used a big brush fibre tip pen to colour them in with canary yellow. Then using a selection of fine tipped pens I zentangled them all over. This doodle kind of art is so soothing that meditations have been based on them. Next I cut the letters out and blackened all the edges. Using a large piece of watercolour paper 22"x15" I stencilled on the lion motif and when it was dry I applied a procion dye wash to the paper. Then it was a case of measuring up and laying out the design before finally gluing every piece down.
At this stage I was going to give the whole piece an acrylic wax seal but I just spotted in time that one of the pens wasn't waterproof. This will not be a problem as the finished piece will be under glass in a simple frame. Note to self - check labels on all pens in future, I could have easily ruined a piece of work I had spent several hours on!

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