Friday, 1 June 2012

The first sweet peas

Look at the elegant curves, the folds, the in-between colours, the almost silk like appearance of these first sweet peas, they are like precious babies at this time of the year. They will soon turn into riotous toddlers demanding of attention ( all that tying in) and covered in pollen beetle but for now the sheer sensuous beauty of  the first blooms has captured my heart. This is the stage where I should announce my intention to draw and paint them, the idea is in my head but I fear motivation is on the back boiler at the moment. All I can focus on is collecting and seeing my son from Heathrow (for the first time in a year) on Sunday.

In the meantime I seem to be putting a lot of work into this 'time-piece'. I'm using freezer paper to make stencils to place the letters but there is still an awful lot of tiny stitching to do. I need to push on with it before I start getting bored with it. 


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  1. have a wonderful time with your for the sweet peas...go on, paint them! (they are beautiful by the way)