Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Last Timepiece

I've had this backing ready for the last of my  'time pieces' for several months now but looking at it almost daily on my design wall was not filling me with inspiration on how to complete it. Yesterday I decided to add some script to it - just the words we use to measure time. Still no inspiration. So I armed myself with lots of threads in pinks, reds and white and took myself off to a social stitching day at Beecrafty.
  It was full of customers, activity and distraction when I arrived. I got myself  tucked into a seat at the back of the shop so that I could see everything that was going on, threaded up my needle with a slatey, purple coloured perle cotton and started stitching. That first glance at all the fabrics lined up on the shelves had shifted my colour palette that I had in mind for this piece and helped me see where it needed to go.  A simple matter of hours and hours of stitching and the end will be in sight.
 I just need the motivation to keep at it - perhaps another session or two of  stitching with like minded people might provide it.
That will be the last of my work completed for The Guild exhibition coming up in October. Usually I am 'mistress of the last minute' when it comes to finishing my work, perhaps having everything finished with time to spare is a sign of maturity at last, (it's been a long wait).

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