Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Work in Progress

I'm working on a child's  quilt. I hope it will be finished by the time she is ready to move into her first real bed.As she is only three weeks old at the moment I have a good chance of finishing it in time. The appliqued central panel is quite straight forward and just a long slog of blanket stitch but all the white area is going to be very intensely free motion quilted - that will slow me down quite a bit.
I'm starting to count down the days to my son going back to Shanghai for another year. I am consoling myself with the knowledge that the first year went by so quickly. The weekends are busy with relatives and friends coming to say goodbye. I know one part of him is sad to go  but I can see that he is missing Kate badly (who went back two weeks ago for the start of the new term). So I will put a brave face on when we say goodbye and think about the fun and happiness we have had over the last three months.

I'm starting to get that Ullapool craving again, only a few more weeks and John and I will be walking on empty beaches and recharging our batteries after the most hectic summer ever.    


  1. That made me smile, at how long you have to finish the quilt lol
    How lovely that youve had your son home for 3 months but what an experience for him to be over there.
    Any chance that you can ho visit there maybe? Just think of all the fabrics you might find!!

  2. hi liniecat,
    He's living in a city of 28million people I live in a village of a thousand or so population - my head would explode. It's a nice thought though and never say never.