Tuesday, 11 December 2012

A Day to Remember

Today was memorable in many ways, good friends, good food and a perfect winters day. When I saw the early morning sparkling light I knew it would be a good day to introduce our newly arrived friends to Achmelvich beach. After a drive through the dramatic scenery of Knockan Crag and Inchnadamph and a walk alongside Loch Assynt we arrived at Lochinver just in time for lunch at the famous 'Pie shop'. It lived up to it's reputation,  it was so good to watch everyone enjoying the meal. We decided to walk lunch off on Achmelvich beach.
This is the first time I've been on the beach when it was frozen solid, a strange experience, even the dog refused a swim (the first time ever).
The car temperature said -3c in the relative shelter of the car park. I think it must have been at least -5c down on the shoreline - I could feel my eyelashes freezing. It was glorious, we spent almost three-quarters of an hour playing with our very hyper dog and collecting shells before the cold drove us back to the warmth of the car.
We have enjoyed each others company so much today - what more can you ask for? (Some people had pies for tea as well).


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  1. I think I may have fished for mackerel off that beach when I was a child.

    Am insanely jealous of this life of yours. But day job calls!! (Need to win the lottery! Need to DO the lottery!)