Saturday, 8 December 2012

Rainy Day Crafting

I have been crafting for the past two days, the weather has kept me in the workroom. It has been relatively mild but that means rain and a bit of a storm blowing. The waves on the loch have white tops to them today - very nice to look at through the window but too blustery and wet for a comfortable walk.
It gave me a chance to work on my third altered book. Not quite there yet on layout, however this is as far as I can get until I get home. I thought I had packed for all my crafting needs for my five week stay here but I forgot my Dremil (a tiny electric drill). I use this to drill the needle holes for stitching into the pages.
I've also used the time to finish off these little dresses for Isla.
I'm not sure where the trim on the second dress comes from, it's a vintage piece from my collection. I think it could have come from a traditional costume from somewhere like Armenia it has a very eastern European look. The stitching is very skillful and so tiny - I love it! I've stitched it to a cashmere base - these are definitely best dress wear.
I almost forgot - I have a new gadget! I picked  up a Cricut Expressions cutter on ebay for a bargain price and it arrived a couple of days ago. These machines are used primarily by card makers and scrapbookers. I use lots of paper cut outs in my work and wondered if it would handle my painted papers. So an hour of producing a dozen large papers later (I have to say an Aga speeds the drying process up no end) I tentatively started cutting or should I say the machine did - Success, who knows what else this machine will cut - the experiments start here!  




  1. I'm a sucker for a crafting gadget! So do tell us more about your cricut cutter. Sounds fascinating. Will it work with fabric?


  2. Looks great fun! Can't wait to see what you do with it x