Tuesday, 11 March 2014

When The Boat Comes In

I'm at the' looking at' stage with this piece, I'm glad I cut it to insert  the boat, it looked too weighty stuck on the bottom of the piece. It may need a bit more stitching but I am almost there with this piece.

 My friend Jean brought back some goodies from her stay in the Lake District, this is an amazing idea soluble graphite stick.

It makes a lovely wash effect and very quickly covers the page. It has a protective holder that you can remove to use it on its side for big swirly or geometric shapes.

Each of these sketchbook pages took less than five minutes to produce - result!

Last week I was having some very low energy days in bed, when my husband brought the post up to me. I didn't get too excited, it's all hospital appointments these days. I then spotted a small parcel which turned out to be some lovely pieces of stitch from some blogging buddies. I was overwhelmed and so happy my mood changed instantly. I love looking at these pieces and the sentiment behind them makes me quite emotional.

Thanks Tina, this is a very happy piece of work and makes me smile whenever I look at it.

And this meticulous rainbow piece from Frankie. Thank you.

And this fabulous piece from Julie which takes me straight to Melon Udrigle beach in The Highlands.
It's gorgeous Julie and so much work has gone into it. I'm so lucky to have stitching friends, I think they are the kindest people in the world. You will have to turn your laptops round for this piece I've just realised it's upside down, also I can't  remove the blue highlighted words (where did they come from).


  1. Your boat piece has come on so far since you last showed it. I really like it, especially the way the stitching moves your eye around the piece. Jean has the best ideas for presents! That graphite stick is just fabulous and I love that it is soluble. I'm still drooling over the Gelatos she brought last time! I'm glad you are enjoying the rockpool, I had a grat time making it and, as you know, I am besotted by the sea and all things coastal. Tina's and Frankie's postcards are wonderfully bright and joyful. Tina is a complete star, her work is always sunny. xx

  2. I like the boat piece too. Fabulous. I do enjoy your blog you know!

  3. I do prefer the boat piece now that you have moved it, it looks far more integrated.

    Lovely gifts.

  4. Ahh your welcome Pam, god to see you today and I love those gelatos too.

  5. I agree totally with you, Pam, stitcher friends are the best !
    Lots of love in those lovely cards ... I'll bet the smile stays on your face for days !
    I like your boat piece very much !

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