Friday, 5 August 2011


I really am pushing on with my work for the exhibition in Ullapool at the end of September - but at this stage it is not worthy of a photo - pretty it isn't! As per usual my mind is trawling round for distractions so I thought I would show you my 'Seed Box' I made earlier this year. The design on the the top was inspired by something I saw on a stall at the Textiles in Focus show at Cottenham this year. I'm sorry I can't remember the name of the lady that gave me a three minute tutorial but her stall was full of the most pretty embroideries. This is a kind of trapunto quilting i.e. stuffed from the back to raise the blobby areas. It has cured me of any desire to do french knots for quite a while. As the top reminded me of seeds I used some fine cotton that I had  recently dyed and printed using a wonderful Coloricious seed pod stamp to line the box. Fiddly but it looks great.

I thought this would make a lovely box to store my garden seeds in but then remembered that I keep my seeds in the fridge.

I'm using it as a 'jewel ' box.

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  1. What a beautiful box! I love those colours. And thanks for dropping in to see me yesterday - sorry I couldn't really chat but I am sure we will rectify that soon enough!