Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The nitty- gritty of producing new work

It seems quite a while since my last post but you know how it is - family life takes over sometimes and priorities have to be established. Amongst all the comings and goings I have kept my promise to myself and pushed on with my work for the Ullapool exhibition. Boy - has this been a difficult one. From a casual conjecture raised in a conversation a year ago to completion has been challenging  but as with all such things I'm quietly pleased with the out come. The first picture is a part of a finished piece that at times I thought I'd never achieve. As usual I got quite wrapped up with the process and almost tried to avoid an end result but that is the good part of exhibiting  - you have to come up with the goods!

I'll explain what the work is about after the exhibition. In the meantime I like my exploration sketchbooks enough to turn them into a journal to exhibit along side my finished pieces,so that's what I'm working on in the next week or so, by which time I will need a burst of colour to compensate for all this black and white.
John and I spent the Friday and Saturday in the depths of Norfolk to welcome a beautiful great nephew to the world. New babies fill up the senses and we were quite envious when we came away but Sunday spent with our wonderful, energetic grandsons reminded us of how much effort it takes to bring up children - best left to the young!   

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