Wednesday, 9 November 2011

After a Little Consideration

So - following on from yesterday I made the front and back cover attatched them to boards and sewed the linings on. Then came the fun part stitching the book togther. This is the method I took from the Kemshall ladies tutorial on DMtv. I was so pleased with how it came together - totally down to Laura's teaching skills.

Lots of stitching went into the front and back of this book so I'm really happy that the binding hasn't let it down.

I have filled the book with lovely watercolour paper and will enjoy thinking of what to put in it. It's always good to have a blank book or two around for a special project so I won't hurry to fill this one.

The back is plainer but the lovely kantha stitching has given it a beautiful and tactile texture.
I feel some painted papers coming on next,  my stash is getting quite depleted - a lovely excuse for a huge mess in the work room.


  1. Wow wow wow! I will have to come and join you for one of your paint sessions - I am always amazed at the work you produce when you get down to it! And I adore the book - so neat! Well done x

  2. Your book is beautiful Pam.