Monday, 7 November 2011

Desparately Seeking Colour

What a grey day (oh dear - that's a bit Larry Grayson isn't it?)
I can't make any of my colours 'Sing'. I'm stitching away at the cover for the next book I'm making. By mid-day I had been stitching away for three hours and realised I hadn't moved from my chair in all that time.  Twenty minutes on my treadmill and a few neck exercises thrown in for good measure and I'm ready to switch to my previous book and fill a couple of pages. 

I'm using the text as a link throughout this little book but other than that I'm just letting the pages flow in a seemingly random way. This may spark an idea for a larger piece of work. On the other hand it might not but I'm having fun anyway.

I will get back to my new book cover this afternoon as I want to start sewing pages to it before tomorrow's 'Calico' meeting.

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