Friday, 25 November 2011

A Little Creativity

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in London, Thursday at the Knit and Stitch show in Harrogate. All very enjoyable  but today I needed to ease myself into 'making' again. I dived into my saved papers box  and pulled out a wad of used envelopes that I collected a couple of years ago ( it doesn't take long to amass a huge amount of these with all the junk mail we receive). I save the ones with the printed interiors. I also had an old brown envelope from Hong Kong that felt like rag so I used that to make the cover. I always draw and doodle on my shopping lists so I thought a collection of these would be interesting to look at  in a few years time - a bit of a glimpse into domestic life at a moment in time. 

I sewed it together using the same method as I did for the Kantha book. I like the contrast of the used, creased papers with the considered binding. I also alternated the pages so that some have the printed side showing and some have the envelope fronts on view. Even without anything put on the pages it looks interesting with the advertising and addresses showing.

Very crude and rustic but quite pleasing, mmm... I wonder what other non - conventional papers I can use for background pages?


  1. I love your journal. I use the envelopes too in my Junk Journals. I like to line the windows up with something interesting on the previous page.