Friday, 3 February 2012

Back in Gear

Some work is being done around here at last - my period of procrastination could be at an end. It turned out that I just had to work through producing rubbish  until my brain kicked into 'create gear' again. I was walking away from anything that didn't work or please me, consequently no real progression was being made. I'm starting with a series of small art quilts to get my brain working again . The first one is quite restrained and neat but by the time I get to number six I should have freed up my design sense. I guess this is the downside of dabbling in so many crafts it's almost like starting again when you go back to something you have not done for a while. 

I've also managed to finish a couple of ufo's that have been hanging around for some time. These are a Guild challenge - a Toltec motif to be worked in any stitch method. Just finishing two little things like this have helped me push on with some work. Now maybe I can finish another couple of pieces off in the coming week!

1 comment:

  1. I love the little blue and red piece. It is so hard to pull out of a slump - roll on Spring and blue skies :)