Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A bit too much wax!

Another fun technique! This one was inspired by a Linda Kemshall tutorial on DMTV. I got a bit slap happy with the wax and ended up obscuring the image totally, however it was great fun using the hot gun and watching the wax slowly drip off and reveal the design. These should have been delicately waxed papers stitched to a stretched canvas board but this stuff is such fun to play with. I think I forgot what I was supposed to be making and just enjoyed moving around the molten wax.

Another thing that happened with using so much wax is that the papers become so transparent that the stitch shows equally from the back - what I intended to be ladder stitch has become a kind of zig-zag because you can see the workings quite clearly.  It has taken some time to clean the work room tables and floor from this  piece of work, a little wax goes an awful long way.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds to have been fun and the results look really great! Id need to wear a scenes of crime suit......I wouldnt trust myself with this technique.........Im too messy with liquids as it is lol