Saturday, 3 March 2012

Eye Candy 1

You know all those samples you acquire from all those ideas and latest products you just have to try. All the little pieces of work from courses that just seem to mount up. Well I'm trying to put mine into a  series of work that I'm calling my eye candy pieces. These are quite difficult to produce as all the elements that I'm bringing together were never intended to be part of a 'whole'. For instance this piece has dyed velvets,paper clay, foils,weaving, machine embroidery, handmade cords, painted bondaweb, crochet and beadwork amongst other elements. This first piece doesn't work as well as I hoped mainly because the design has ended up quite dumpy looking - the canvas is too small, elongating the design would have made it more elegant looking but I love the colours and the way they bounce off of each other.
This is me resting my hands and not sewing ( never going to happen).

1 comment:

  1. I think this does work, exactly because of what you said! The dumpiness as you see it, makes it look like an encrusted 'broach', rich with mixed jewells?
    Thats a really interesting premis and result youve come up with.
    I love it!