Thursday, 15 March 2012

Sociable stitching

 I hardly noticed making these buttons and beads today, a day spent stitching with two like minded friends passed in a flash. We had not met up for a couple of months and had so much to catch up on.  We meet up on a monthly basis as often as we can and each in turn host a day of experimental mess making, this time my friends wanted to learn how to make my embroidered beads - it's much easier teaching two people rather than twenty plus. Typically I forgot to photograph their beads ( which were gorgeous) so I'll show my efforts from the day.

I'm still working on making a vessel/vase and have felted the velvet diamond shapes onto the surface. This makes a much more integrated cloth than collaging each piece individually, because the velvet is so vibrant it still stands out from the background just as I wanted it to.

I'm doing a mixture of hand machine and hand stitch all over this piece before I attach it to a backing - possibly with bondaweb. I love the warm glow of this piece and I can't wait to see it take shape but it will not be a quick 'do' as the garden
must take precedence at this time of the year and there is only so much energy to go round.
We are off to a very chic London wedding this weekend.  I wonder if they'll mind me stitching at the reception - perhaps not, it might look as though I'm bored.

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