Sunday, 13 May 2012

More Timepieces

In between lots of gardening I have been slowly unpicking my vintage quilt and removing the parts that are too fragile to save. I've made two backings for another two 'timepieces'. I have not used a fusion method to make these as I wanted the textures and creases to show thus highlighting the age of the fabrics. This pink background clearly shows the faded interiors of each the patchwork pieces and the original colours show on the edges of each patch where they were folded under and protected from the light. I have loved sewing with tiny stitches all round each piece of fabric.The cloth is so soft and thin - almost like an old rag.


The blue piece will not photograph well but it is very beautiful in a soft faded kind of way. I must be careful not to overwhelm it with too much stitch and embellishment. I've attached each patchwork piece to an old tray-cloth that conveniently had blue drawn thread-work around it. The next thing to work on is what method of stitch and design I use to complete each piece. Some drawing is called for.  


  1. That blue is especially lovely! What a great re-use!

  2. Lovely. I love the idea of saving old pieces by turning them into a piece of art without losing the element of age!