Thursday, 7 November 2013

Paper Fun


I was looking through back issues of 'workshopontheweb' on my kindle on Tuesday, trawling for inspiration. In the early days of textiles I learnt a lot of techniques from this site. I still subscribe and look forward to every edition. I noticed they were offering a taster session to attract new members and I wondered which workshops were on offer. A picture immediately caught my eye - a workshop by Sue Dove, torn papers and colour. Of course I've adapted some of the instructions and creating is taking place with minimal effort.

These first two are my own painted papers, some shapes from my cricut stash, and oil pastels. Just the colour hit I need.

I decided to do something a little subdued after all that saturated colour. These papers were torn from my ancient stash of Elle magazines and I've used graphite pencils and Inktense. I sealed the finished page with hair lacquer because graphite gets everywhere.

A pleasing two days work and now I've started I'll just have to fill the whole sketchbook up with variations on this theme.


  1. I've done this Sue Dove exercise too and I love it, it's great fun and full of potential. I really like the second subdued colourway you've worked with. Have fun making some more. I met Sue when she had an exhibition in St Ives last year and her work is wonderfully dynamic and quirky. Lovely lady too. xx

  2. These are lovely. I subscribe to WoW too - some great ideas and techniques on offer - though I struggle to find time to do many these days. This is one I shall try.

  3. Lovely results. WOW is such a great source of inspiration.

  4. I'm also going to try this -- tonight! I've had Sue Dove's book for years, but never really studied it until this week. She may inspire me to enjoy hand embroidery!