Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Dodgy Computers

I managed one out of the two days at Steph Redfern's workshop, I wasn't very functional whilst I was there but I did absorb a great deal of imagery. Lots of wonderful printing on the first day which I photographed to show on here but my good laptop decided to malfunction in a big way. So out with the steam driven PC (which is ancient and slow) to try and post.

Steph has such a distinctive style that I struggled to find my own 'voice' but the way she layers up is quite unique and was useful to see in action. After I had rested at home for a day I managed to come up with this piece which I think demonstrated the outcome of the workshop.

Had I been well I would have loved this workshop however next stop Addenbrooks for some tests that only they can do and a scan at Peterborough after that, not looking good but I remain optomistic and I'm still creating.


  1. These are lovely - especially the middle one - a fascinating-looking technique.

  2. Lovely stuff here. Sorry you're unwell at the moment.

  3. Sorry you couldn't finish the two days but what you have produced is lovely and not really in Steph's style, except for the layering technique. Really like the top two.

    Good luck with the scan

  4. I'm glad you managed ot get to one day of the workshop and you will have absorbed a lot that you can refer to later. I do hope the tests bring better results than you expect and constructive help.

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