Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Transfer Paints Sampling

Yesterday my friend Paula came round for a crafty morning, transfer paints were on the agenda and some pleasing results were achieved. I am in love with this pressed Geranium leaf that had been eaten by bugs in my garden this summer, luckily I pressed quite a few of them and if I can only remember which book I stored them in I will be able to repeat the design.

I've used pelmet vilene for some of the samples, the transfer paint is very vivid on all of the vilenes.

I took these photos today after a morning spent at Addenbrooks Hospital, nearly three hours to travel 44 miles during rush hour. It felt like the world was trying to get into Cambridge this morning, I can't imagine what it must be like to commute on a daily basis - nightmare!

I just needed to calm myself with colour after such a stressful morning. 

These gossamer like pieces were done on Zeelon a very soft and delicate synthetic similar to Lutrador.
When I track down some Evalon I will make a few more samples I know that it will be the perfect fabric for transfer paints.
Health issues are ongoing, full scan and more blood tests next week, I will craft my way through! 


  1. These are wonderful - luscious, glorious colour and I love the uncoloured geranium leaf. Did you use the leaf itself to mask or did you do a stencil?

  2. Wonderful results. You definitely should track down the Evolon as it certainly is fantastic for this technique.

  3. I have a few of those eaten geraniums too, used them for sun dyeing, sorry I havnt commented for a few weeks, the ipad wont let me and barry has kidnapped my laptop[ wrested it back, hes in the bath], that layering course looked really effective, thinking of you love tina

  4. Beautiful results with the transfer paints. Hoping you get good results from all these tests.

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  6. Why hace I not seen these Pam, they are stunning