Tuesday, 26 July 2011

After the party

Party is over - work recommences. My son and his wife leave for two years in China on Sunday so I expect a great outpouring of work is in the offing. What a solace any creative work can be. It used to be that my garden would provide comfort during sad times but I have come to realise that it was the making of a garden that did the trick for me. I still 'make' but on a smaller scale.

I'm currently working on a couple of Art quilts that involve hand dyed and printed fabrics which I am embroidering into with great difficulty.When I originally made these pieces I didn't  anticipate that I would stitch into them so I backed them with a really heavy canvas. It was only when I added the embroidery that they came alive - so I am stitching through three layers which I will re back when I'm finished. Needless to say my fingers are quite sore. Note to self  -  do not repeat this project in the near future. 

A quick look at my inspiration wall before I take it down and replace it with work for my upcoming exhibition in Ullapool - I repeat my vow that I will knuckle down to some serious work commencing August 2nd.


  1. Love the stitching in that first image Pam. And your inspiration wall is... an inspiration!!!

  2. Oh boy, start saving now for a trip to see them in China! All that silk to see and buy, colours and culture to explore and learn about from them, before you get there!
    What an amazing opportunity for them both and thank goodness for the internet so you can keep in touch.
    Love your crop circle ish design, lifes abit like I reckon, it takesus in circles of sorts, cycles, repititions.