Saturday, 2 July 2011

Delaying Tactics

This is not what I should be doing - I think I will call it 'Procrastination'. What I should really be doing is clearing away all the ongoing stuff in the workroom. This started as a sample and has ended up almost a finished piece. It is a quilt as you go background with a swarm of cross stitch. I'm thinking of  a larger  piece based on high rise building with a swathe of embroidery across it inspired by the imagery of the huge starling flocks that are so prevalent these days. 

However - this is what I should be sorting out and the reason why I should is that I have been invited along with three  artists to exhibit my work at Antalla Solais, Ullapool Visual Arts from the beginning of October this year. I made a good start  a couple of months ago and then stalled and prevaricated ever since. There have been family life changing events going on in the background that I could use as an excuse but the truth is that I hate doing anything arts wise that I have to do.  So - the deal is - after the party for 60 in the garden on the 23rd of July and my son and his wife have departed to live in Shanghai for two years I am going to buckle down to finish producing a little body of work that I will feel proud of.
In the meantime I need my raggy to stitch into and keep me serene and calm.

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  1. I know that feeling so well. I've just had an exhibition with four other lovely ladies and I worked my butt off. Now my studio looks as though a hurricane has passed through. Good luck with your party too that sounds like a mammoth task.