Saturday, 9 July 2011

My Husband ; the artist.

He: - What shall we do with these old slates?

Me: - (slightly preoccupied) Oh I don't know  - Do Something creative 

He: - I don't do creative.

Me: - Well...... build a helix in that space in the bottom border.

Two days later

It looks like a very expensive piece of garden sculpture set on a stone plinth and I have a double helix that looks wonderful.
Clever man - good mathematical mind!

It's all about colour combinations in the garden at the moment. I call these my mucky poppies. I have been culling any reds out of the borders for the past eight years and still the odd one crops up, I love their tissue paper appearence especially when the sun shines through them - they are my first sight in the morning when I walk out of my workroom.

Orange, blue and dark, dark red I repeat this combo.all the time

I like to consider paint colour to show off my plants.

Everything is responding to the rain - that wonderful mass planting effect that I like is starting late this year because of the drought, but if this weather keeps up everything should knit together in a fortnight (just in time for my party).



  1. John is a clever chap isn't he! I will have to put my order in for some garden art (once I have a garden to put it in!)

  2. My pal laid many tiles on their edges, vertically, to create a path you could walk over and found that buzzy creatures lived in them overwinter! Shed have loved the helix idea, wish she were still with us to have shown her it....clver chap that...a Keeper lolol
    Ive never seen a poppy that fabulous faded out pink shade! Would you consider selling any of its seeds please?!