Friday, 19 April 2013

Pushing On

I've got my cover finished today, If I left it to the end of the project I would not take so much trouble. It has me thinking of Chinese restaurants so I must be on the right track. I intend to make a big tassel and closing mechanism for this book. I've really camped up the cover  despite the fact that I want the pages to be quite minimal and contemporary. The wrap is made of calico which I dyed, I then traced a Chinese maze pattern onto paper, pinned it to my fabric and laid it over a thin batting. It took ages to machine with a metallic thread, The next stage was to scrub the paper off. I had machined so tightly that it wouldn't come away under the stitches. I left it to dry whilst planning to start again.

By way of an experiment I delicately inked over the stitching and the paper that was still clinging to the fabric.
when it was dry I gave it  generous coat of acrylic wax. I used treasure gold on all the raised areas and another coat of wax. Success!

I used double sided carpet tape ( nothing stickier) to fix the wrap to the cover board and found a toning cover for the inside. The little cut outs on the spine I have used a tiny drill to make holes to sew the pages into later.The stitching to join the lining to the cover was heavy going (all that wax to push through), I used a curved needle and a pair of pliers. The frontispiece I made last week was then stitched on.
 As I had an hour so left this afternoon it was time to get the media out.

These are not what  I have in mind for the book but are a good warm up to set the tone (and I enjoyed making them), I need to get all the cliche's out of my mind before I start to make some special papers,


  1. Wow, doesn't the waxing make an effective cover finish!! Looks great. I expect it will be a sturdy cover as well. And I love the stencils you've made and the exciting colours you're using. Experimenting can be such a great way to find inspiration for the 'next thing'. Great way to be 'pushing on'!!!

  2. Good idea to use the wax on the paper. It ends to make the covers more sturdy anyway. Love the warm up pieces