Tuesday, 30 April 2013

High Flown Company

As I have been on several Bobby Britnell drawing courses over the past few years, I got an invite to her book launch party  on Monday evening at Artvango in Knebworth. The 'great and the really good' turned out in numbers for her and I was quite giddy with all the 'faces' I recognised. I won't list them because I will probably miss somebody important out, but it was good to see Gina who was on a very tight schedule, Julie of Mixed Media fame arrived just as I was leaving and I caught up with several  other people who I hadn't seen for some years. This is definitely not my thing  - far too social for me but I felt that such a special Lady as Bobby warranted me overcoming my hermit like tendencies. The book was great as well!


  1. Oh Pam!! What fun!! Can't wait to get my copy of the book....might have to get it from a UK source since it's not even available here until june sometime. And a worthy event to get you out into 'peopled' places!! (I know just what you mean...I'm a total homebody myself!)

  2. Must remember to keep smiling... never know when a camera lurks! It was good to see you Pam although I must confess that my schedule has been so tight all week that I've not had a chance to have a good read of Bobby's book.