Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Factory Line

Seeing my previous post inspired me to leave all my ufo's in separate 'work stations', yesterday was spent going from one to the other, including Isla's quilt. I'm sure many of you work in this way but I have always focused on one piece at a time even if it was part of a series.

Progress was made! This large sample may inspire something bigger, without the harsh grid lines. I have been looking at a lot of 'boro' work lately and it seems to be influencing my backgrounds, I put this piece together on the felter because the challenge was to use three suit fabrics, one other and three different cords. The cords were too vibrant for the fabrics, so I felted them which made them less strident.  After further stitching today I may promote this piece from a sample to a finished piece. It just fits a 12"x 12" block canvas and is a prime candidate for my 'melding' process.

Grids are also a big thing for me at the moment and this piece is made from stuff I had on my inspiration board, Evalon, paper napkins, brown paper,felt and samples from printing with modelling paste. This is definitely a sample but the ideas may feed into something new. I've been out stitching with my 'Trident' friends today so tomorrow may be spent fairly gently, to build up some energy for an all day workshop with Gina Ferrari on Saturday. Happy days!


  1. Yes - very happy days!

    I could really do with a few days stitching and workshopping! Day jobs - pah!! But Whippet X demands his food and water!!

  2. Id say that was work well done gal!

  3. The grid influence is definitely working well. Beautiful colour combinations

  4. Beautiful colour combinations, love the layering effects you are achieving with the grids.