Thursday, 25 April 2013

Resolving Work

This is one of those pieces that photographs better than it is, a lot of work has gone into it so far but I am toying with the idea of taking all the top layers off and starting again. I knew It was going pear shaped when I took the scissors to it and cut in half. I couldn't face the prospect of stitching all those layers down on such a big piece. One of the grid layers is Evalon and every time I touch it it sticks to my garden worn hands. A feeling akin to chalk on a blackboard. I was also starting to throw too much at it in an attempt to redeem it, however, a little bit of free motion machine stitching crept in and I liked the effect.

So on the half that I had cut off I've started to machine into it, referring to the geological imagery I have sketched in Ullapool over the last few years.

I did these in 2011, they are about my beach and loch side walks.

This piece will have less going on, perhaps some very tiny shells and beads added or I might paint areas when I have finished stitching.

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  1. Oh wow! I love the photo of the work you did in 2011. And actually I like the first piece too!