Wednesday, 14 August 2013

This and That

18"x30" koh-i-nor paints and promarkers, acrylic waxed.

 A little bit of fun with my Trident friends yesterday playing with drawing techniques, sparked me off drawing again. I rarely use a butterfly image in my work but I had a little box of cutouts made with  my Cricut. I always wish I had chosen the inverted colours but you can't have one without the other if you see what I mean.

I really must do something with these butterflies one day!

In the meantime my John Clare pieces are progressing slowly.

If it hadn't been so windy today I could have drawn in another layer of shadows, the light was just right to project sharp images. Not on top form at the moment ( awaiting medical tests results) but thank goodness for crafting it keeps me grounded and amused.


  1. Lovely stuff! I really like those top two butterfly images. Must admit your cricut sounds quite fab - but I really must stop buying gadgets!

    Love the shadow sketch too. What a good idea. I really must get into some serious sketching!

  2. Looks great - as usual. Hope you get better soon xxx

  3. I LOVE the John Clare piece with the shadows - just fantastic!

    Good luck with the medical test results. The waiting is always so awful.

  4. The shadow piece is lovely. Good luck with the test results.

  5. I hope the tests are good news and you are soon back to your best.

  6. Your John Clare piece is stunning...I really love what you're doing with these. Fingers crossed for good news with the test results...thinking of you.

  7. I hope your news is good and just want to say that I love the bottom photo with those shadows ! I hope you add the to your drawing.