Saturday, 17 August 2013

U.F.O. Day

I have little energy for grand projects at the moment but a morning spent going through my u.f.o box identified at least six pieces that with a little work could be finished in a couple of hours. I need to have a sense of achievement without much effort and when I look at the work that has gone into some of these pieces, it seems wrong to leave them languishing in that box of 'good ideas at the time'. We all do it don't we? What was once a brilliant idea suddenly becomes something that we just want to walk away from.

This piece is based on some lines I penned about my favourite rock pools in Scotland. I still can't totally resolve it to my satisfaction but again a lot of work went into it and it deserves it's moment. When I have finished several pieces I will damp stretch them all into shape, I like crumpled fabrics, the iron is the kiss of death to creating texture in textiles but these have been bundled up for over a year and just need easing back into shape. 
The wind is howling through the garden at the moment but I caught a headline that said we are in for a prolonged spell of good weather. I'm pleased that summer isn't over already. 


  1. Lovely pieces which certainly deserve finishing. Yesterday's wind seems to have blown the clouds away as it's glorious again this morning.

  2. I'm just impressed that you are organised enough to have a box for your UFOs. Lovely pieces of work.

  3. As you might expect, I really like the rockpool piece and the way the layers are working. Well done for bringing these UFO's closer to a finish. I have a pile of UFOs myself, I shall try and emulate you ;-)