Sunday, 26 June 2011

Colour Sunday

I had intended to photograph the garden today but the sun is so intense it is bleaching out the colours.  I thought I would seek out some colour in the work room instead. This is a colour wheel I made for my Creative Sketchbooks course that I did with the Kemshall Ladies last year. It made use of some of my stash of handpainted and printed papers, I often work for several weeks just producing reams of papers that later appear in my work and journals.

I love the movement in this piece - isn't it amazing the dynamic that simple running stitch can produce? The woven centre was produced on a whim one day when I wanted to take up weaving. I simply warped up with a few drawing pins pressed into my worktable and wove away, further investigation into the price of looms etc. (think big) soon  put paid to that whim, but I'm sure  I would enjoy weaving; all that colour and texture to play with.

A few beads to finish with in my favourite palettes.

1 comment:

  1. Striking pieces again, rich in colour. I love the kantha-ish running stitch effect too, its naive but speaks of homelife and mending and carefulness with possessions, yet can be so challenging and full of pattern.
    Have you tried using an old picture frame to weave with?
    Dam site cheaper than buying a loom, can be 'flat packed' when not in use lol You can get some bargain sized frames at car boots or chariry shops too! Just saw a link, heaven knows where.... but a lass was holding a hoola hoop and was weaving a circular piece on that!
    A far better use for a blessed hula hoop in my opinion lol