Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Vintage French linen.

 I collect vintage textiles, nothing too precious or pristine in fact the tattier the better. Embroidered traycloths, doilies, scraps of lace, old handmade tablecloths and worn sheets to name but a few things I keep my eyes open for.
These wallhangings (22" x 16") are part of a series of six that I have made. I find them pleasing because they combine several crafts: applique, hand painted fabrics, embroidery and crochet mixed with a few commercial scraps of batik. The backgrounds are all vintage French linen.

This is beaded and sequined version using my handprinted linens that I think I produced at a Ruth Isset class.

These pieces are quite contemporary in their colours and design, but without a doubt they also hark back to historical crewel work. I'm quite fond of these three pieces and might visit the series again to see if  I can bring anything else to them.


  1. I love these - they are so delicate! I can definitely see the historic element to them. If you ever get bored with them I am perfectly happy to give them a new home :)

  2. You may have afew of us ready to home them lol They are such fun but nostalgic too. really, really lovely!

  3. What gorgeous little gems. The flowers are beautiful.