Saturday, 18 June 2011

Waiting for inspiration

Not every day is filled with ideas and inspiration, for me it's a bit like buses - too many or none at all.  I have found that if I  walk away from the workroom it sometimes takes a long while to get started again, days or even weeks. The way for me to get round this is to have something undemanding on the go at all times. The act of stitching and the hit of colour are very important to my well being so I invented what I call my 'raggy'. In the way that a child has a comfort blanket or toy I have a very soft piece of fabric that is  easy to stitch into - my current piece is a roughly made 'cathedral window' pattern that I used to wipe up dyes. I daubed it with oil sticks and then I start to stitch without any thought except maybe colour.

Stitching is such a soothing process and the mind can relax  and  just enjoy the colour flow without having to think of design or choices. I will stitch until it can't take anymore and maybe turn it over start again. It doesn't have to be anything or say anything just be my 'raggy'.

A much smaller 'raggy' that might have others joined to it.

Small pieces of 'slashing' are relaxing to do, I often  do these whilst working on something more demanding - a kind of  'brain rest'. I like the fact that the outer layers of this are just paper towels that have been used to wipe dye or paint up and the inside are floor sweeping scraps of fabrics.

Have a good Fathers Day. I hope the weather is kind.


  1. I have a similar thing in that I challenge msyelf to use whats in the basket beside the chair. Of course every now and then Ive topped the basket up so much, it almost overwhelms the chair!
    It doesnt help me get back into the workroom at all I have to admit, dont know why I dont just move it down to the lounge and be done with it lol
    Love that use of cathedral window, what a great idea! And the slashed piece too, that would work nicely with all my assorted colour catchers and give me another way of using them up....worth thinking about that.
    You have such a great eye for colours, they are smashing!

  2. I love the idea of a raggy! And yours looks so beautiful.