Saturday, 11 June 2011

Derivative but pleasing.

This was the first piece of resolved work using  the Pfaff embellisher that I acquired last year - I had seen so many pieces like this that I just had to get my version out of my system before I could start on anything original. It measures 18" x 30" and made of  squares of merino tops, scraps of hand dyed fabrics, commercial threads, all lightly felted using the embellishing machine.

I then hand embroidered  and blanket stitched round each square. This gave me a foundation to crochet all the squares together using some wonderful space dyed Japanese Noro wool. the whole thing was the sewn onto a canvas backing  and by cutting into the canvas I was able to stuff each square  thus giving the hanging more form and depth which is not obvious from a photo.

Sadly that was the first and last finished piece of work that I did using the machine that I had lusted after for so long. However in two weeks time I am going on a course at Artvango with Pauline Verrinder entitled  'Embellisher - Moving On'.
I'm sure this will deal with the mental block I have with this machine. 

My wonderful family who are very adept at keeping me grounded have christened this piece 'Is It Cold' I will leave the explanation to your imaginations.


  1. This is a fabulous piece, so much colour and texture. I love my embellisher, just wish I had more time to use it.

  2. This is great - and I cant wait to see what you come with after your visit to Art Van Go. Perhaps I should bring my embellisher round and you can teach me a few tricks ;)