Friday, 17 February 2012

Comfort Stitching

Last year when I started blogging I did a post about comfort sewing - I refer to it as a 'raggy' because it's akin to a child's comfort blanket,  No design - little thought on stitching or colour, just sewing with the mind switched off. This sample started when I was looking at some of the heavier cords I had made with thick wools, sari ribbons and torn fabrics. I cut out a rough cardboard loom and wove my cords together to make a piece of  heavily textured cloth of  about 10"x 8".  A couple of hours of random fly stitch produced a many layered end result - lots of depth and colour. Another sample for the little bits of stitch book.

Gardening season has started here in earnest - big project underway so I am going to be pulled in many directions over the next three months. This one involves a mini digger (which I so want to have a go on) in fact I'll probably want one of my own afterwards.

I have just got in from Textiles in Focus at Cottenham near Cambridge. A lovely day out with three good friends and as it's almost 'down the road' from me ( all be it 40 miles) I saw lots of other stitching friends.  There was a great atmosphere, lovely exhibitions and an excellent selection of traders making it my favourite show of the year.

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